Everybody looks for love, joy, inner peace,

that is human nature, that is LiFE!

Become aware of your RESPONSIBILITY, your POWER ( INNER STRENGTH), only YOU can change things.

Life is not dedicated to be a fight, but a journey in consciousness in which at all time,

we have the choice to:

choose our way of being,

choose our thoughts, our words,

choose the way of behaving or acting,

choose how to communicate,

choose fear or love as driving force,

choose a life-balance in all spheres of life,

choose the best in all,

that is our responsability.



  • searching for external solutions  (guru, parents, husband/wife, boss, God, …) 

               → the solutions are in YOU, learn how to discover them!

  • searching the "WHY" (Why me? Why my parents? Why life? Which mission? Which sens? When awakening? …),

     → ask yourself "HOW", how can I be or what can I do in another way to live what makes me grow, what

          makes me smile?          

  • working "hard" on yourself!

    there is nothing to "work on", there are things to release, to de-program, to choose and to create into joy, simplicity,           fluidity and love.


Surf on the site to discover the different activities, they can be organized:

•   in Belgium or abroad,

•   in individual session or group work,

•   in French or English,

•   via Skype calls.



Coaching of Consciousness







Become a Coach of Consciousness

Journeys which change life!