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Coaching according to the collaborator demand


This service is "offered" to collaborators to allow them to improve their well-being, their way of communication, their behavior, their stress and time management, ...​​

Why wil you provide this "offered service" to your collaborators?

Holacracy constitutions, visionary spirits, whom are pioneers have already understood that to have collaborators feeling good, being well at work, is essential for the smooth running of the company.

​I agree with you, all the problems are not from the work or the company, but if you allow or give the opportunity to everyone to take in hand his/her well-being, his/her life, even though the collaborator's problem can be professional or private ones, that can largely impact on the work in the company and the atmosphere of the teams on a daily basis.

Package of 7 sessions of one hour.  By Skype or on site.

Coaching according to the hierarchy demand


According to the hierarchy demand, the coaching sessions are organized for the collaborator, to help him progress, to reach his/her potential, to find his/her skills at work, to learn management methods such as: time management, ways of communication, stress management, conflits' resolution,  leadership, how to manage a team, ...

For these coaching sessions, the hierarchy involvement is required.

​Package of 7 sessions of one hour.  By Skype or on site.

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