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I S A B E L L E      L A U R E N T

Coach of Consciousness – Trainer

For more than 10 years, I'm pleased to help, guide and train people as well on a private level as in companies.  My support and trainings are serious and playful, even if my very intuitive and hypersensitive nature helps to bring another dimension.

This faculty, being able to take the position of someone else, to feel their emotions, to be conscious of the unconsciousness, allows me to have a wider view of the help I can bring to the person.

The coaching, which is at the same time a healing care is made at a systemic level for the person, that means at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level, because we are one, complete beings and everything in us is connected.

Whether it is by: coachings of consciousness, workshops, trainings, or journeys, my "work" is made in the respect and step by step for the person. 

I invite you to participate in your own healing process, I guide you in a way that you become independent and that you move forward on the path to an healthy life and a complete well-being to live a wonderful and joyful life on a daily basis.

The life is too short not to fully enjoy it !


​These values are mine and I apply them at best in my life and I want to relay them worldwide:  



I am very happy and grateful to practice this job which allows me to also grow every day.

​May the joy be in your Hearts,


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