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"Tailor-made" Coaching

For those who wish to evolve quickly and concretely, to make changes in their life, whether it is to:

  • improve their communication, their relations, their behavior,

  • be self-confident or restored self-confidence in oneself after a layoff, a depression, a change of life,...

  • go out of the burnout, the daily stress, ...

  • pass a difficult stage, move forward to a specific goal, set up a new professional or personal project,

  • be lead during passages such as decease, divorce, retirement, …

  • a professional support: redirecting, moving to another job, get a better communication, public speaking, leadership, conflict management, time management, …

Why "of Consciousness"?

This coaching allows to be aware of:

  • the person as a whole by a systemic approach (body – emotional – mental and spiritual),

  • the power of now,

  • the inner voice, the intuition,

  • the feelings and the emotions,

  • the unconscious mechanisms, the cell memories or genealogy links,

  • inner various aspects and various external roles

to touch, untie, release, deprogram the beliefs, the mechanisms, the conditionings, the unconscious patterns of behavior, the "lock-in" problems,  which generate sufferings, pain, stress ...

Ready to continue the inner journey?

Ce processus n'est pas :

  • De la voyance : le futur appartient à chacun en fonction de ses prises de conscience et de sa capacité à changer.

  • De la magie : le travail énergétique n’a rien de « magique » mais repose sur le changement de votre état d’esprit et la libération de blocages ou tensions.

  • De la médecine : en cas de maladie physique, chaque personne est invitée à consulter son médecin et à continuer ses traitements.

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