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The sens of life is LIFE itself !


Live Mindfully or Become a Consciousness Coach

This training will begin on October 2019

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More than a training, this is a new philosophy of life !  This is also a self-coaching in consciousness !

This training will change your life !  Will change YOU !

Training of 25 days jours in one year + 2 free bonus days.                                          

Possibiliy to follow during the week or weekend.  

Program :

  • NLP, Transactional Analysis, NVC (Non-Violent Communication), Systemic Approach , Eriksonian Hypnosis, Braingym, together with other tools and methods well-known from professional coaches,

  • development of the 5 senses, intuition, heart opening,  feeling, meditation, mindfulness, shamanism, neurosciences principles, la creativity, bio-energy, …

  • the coaching – You will learn how to have a coach attitude, in the respect of the deontology of the profession,  

  • 2 free bonus days of workout, supervision + a surprise!


That's thanks to my various trainings and more than 10 years of experience that I build this complete training for YOU!
At the begining of the training, you will define your own goal and work on it during the year.  So you save time by doing self-coaching and learning the method at the same time.

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