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Reinvent YOUR organization !


Training: BE an Avant-Gardiste Leader,
Creative, Human and Motivating!


Ready for the Journey!

Why NOW?


  • The digital age demands open structures where every collaborator can be creative and innovative.

  • Because everything is moving faster and faster, we have to adapt.

  • The new generations don’t want the "metro-boulot-dodo", and YOU? Be honest! They want the opportunity to work from wherever and whenever they want by combining the sens of work with the sens of life.

  • Could we invent a way to work together that is more powerful, more nourishing for the soul, more meaningful?



  1. Make the decision for a profound change in your organization: free, simplify, empower, analyse, choose with integrity for the common good, and put into action!

  2. 7 days to reinvent your organization by getting to the heart of the matter and deciding how to proceed.

  3. 9 days to implement it in your organization, it is a process, a new adventure, a real challenge, a journey of initiation for some!



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